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Look no further than Agan Global for all your container shipping needs. Our extensive investment in specialized infrastructure allows us to offer a comprehensive range of depot and off-terminal services. We understand the importance of flexibility in a fully functional container shipping process, and we are here to meet those needs.

Inefficient traffic congestion and port delays can hinder operations. However, at Agan Global, we have implemented proactive measures to address these challenges. Our strategically located alternate container yards, equipped with specialized equipment, and comprehensive container yard services are designed to mitigate the inefficiencies caused by traffic bottlenecks, hours of service restrictions, and port congestion.

Yard Security

We prioritize the safety and security of our facilities and your cargo. Our premises are under constant 24/7 surveillance, and our team members are extensively trained in cargo and site security protocols. We maintain rigorous standards and conduct regular drills to ensure our emergency preparedness plans are up to date and effective.


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