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International shipping necessitates the process of transloading, which can potentially introduce heightened risks of damage, delays, and inefficiencies.

At Agan Global, we protect against those risks by

  • Re-engineering/configuring your supply chain to save time and money

  • Providing 24-hour security for all our facilities

  • Transferring from ocean containers to over-the-road trucks

  • Saving ocean freight charges by maximizing cargo weight

  • Inspecting cargo for damages or irregularities before delivering to a customer

  • Protecting cargo by using air-ride trailers rather than spring suspension


Smart Dock Services

Agan Global's intelligent warehouse services offer cost-saving benefits and enhance operational efficiency. Through services such as transloading, cross-docking, and load reconfiguration, we assist our customers in reducing inland transportation expenses, including fuel surcharges and overall fuel consumption. By leveraging these solutions, our customers can achieve significant cost savings while maintaining optimal efficiency throughout their supply chain operations.


With our comprehensive cross-dock services, customers can seamlessly integrate us into their supply chain, enabling efficient cargo delivery from any location to the Agan Global site for containerization. Our range of services includes:

  • Floor loading

  • Freight palletization

  • Reconfiguring loads

  • Short-term storage

  • Container stripping and loading

  • Slip sheeting

  • Bundling

  • Block & bracing

  • Flat bed loading

  • Secure container storage


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