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Our Services

Ocean Container Services:

  • 40‘ chassis

  • 40‘ triaxle

  • 20’ chassis

  • 20‘ triaxle

  • 45’ chassis

  • ​Our fleet of over 100 chassises insures availability

In addition to our existing parking lot, we have a large yard near the ports.

We provide container pickup and delivery services for Houston port & rail station and Dallas rail station. We handle various types of containers such as standard containers, frame rack containers, hazmat containers, and reefer containers.


We have a fleet of over 40 company-owned vehicles, ensuring sufficient transportation capacity.


Drayage Management System:

  • Our company has a professional container management system that includes both a client-side and driver-side interface.

  • We offer automated data transmission, image uploading, and management services, providing efficient and convenient customer experiences.

  • Through the client-side portal, customers can track the real-time location and route of their container deliveries.

Equipment Maintenance team:

  • We have a dedicated team for equipment maintenance & repair. and  own service truck for mobil repair.

  • Regular maintenance is conducted to ensure the optimal condition of the equipment before each task.

Customer Support:

  • Our business department manager and assistants handle customer inquiries and service coordination.

  • We have specialists who promptly retrieve terminal and shipping line container information as per customer requirements and provide timely updates.

Efficient Dispatch:

  • Our professional dispatch team adjusts vehicle arrangements based on the actual situation to meet customer deadlines and other specific requirements.

Flatbed Truck Services:

We offer 48' and 53' flatbed services  

DSC00938 拷贝.jpg

Warehouse Facilities:

  • Our company owns a brand-new warehouse spanning 75,000 square feet with 18 loading docks.

  • The warehouse is equipped with standard forklifts, 10-foot-long forklifts, and clamp forklifts.

  • We offer various warehouse services, including container devanning, palletization, labeling and barcode scanning, dropshipping, Amazon appointment service, overseas warehousing, and more.

Local Transport:

  • We have several 26-foot trucks with lift gates available for local transfers and other related services.

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