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Agan Global & Port Houston: Setting the Gold Standard in Maritime Logistics

When Agan Global and Port Houston join forces, excellence in class isn't just a claim—it's a demonstrable reality.

A Unified Front at Port Houston

Port Houston exemplifies a rare harmony between pro-business and pro-labor attitudes, fostering mutual respect and acknowledging the interdependence of success among all parties. Inspired by the military concept of "move and cover," as shared by the author of Extreme Ownership, our maritime community adeptly applies this tactical approach.

Investing proactively in future necessities, Port Houston has strategically positioned itself with robust infrastructure, equipment, relationships, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Our uniquely cooperative dialogue and expansive networks enable us to address issues expediently, while our proactive partnership approach ensures smooth sailing through both calm and stormy seas.

Houston proudly hosts the world's largest petrochemical complex along its banks, presenting both an invaluable asset and a notable risk, distinctively separating us from mere transit hub ports.

Port Houston goes beyond a simple docking point for vessels; it's a thriving manufacturing hub, home to 190 companies along the channel and serving over 270 petrochemical plants. Recognized as the busiest US port and ranked number one in tonnage, it is not just a port; it is a powerhouse in the industry.

Shared Values, Unmatched Safety, and Reduced Stress with Agan Global

Agan Global seamlessly aligns with Port Houston, sharing analogous values and work ethics, proudly standing out with a large fleet of safely maintained chassis, supervised by our meticulously trained team.

Our award-winning safety program not only fosters an exceptionally low turnover but also maintains a minimal incident rate, attested by our office and driver teams who continually express enhanced job satisfaction compared to past roles.

At the heart of our operation lies genuine care and it radiantly shows. We assure visibility for our customers and drivers, firm in the belief that our paramount contribution is the provision of precise, timely information, enabling optimal decision-making.

Let Agan Global and Port Houston alleviate the stress from your supply chain, as we navigate the future of maritime logistics with unparalleled expertise and collaborative strength.

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