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Ocean Container Drayage

Drayage refers to the transportation of ocean containers over short distances by truck. At our company, we have developed a strong and reliable infrastructure specifically designed to handle time-sensitive and high-value cargo. We excel in optimizing the movement of shipments arriving and departing from the Port of Houston, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

Our intermodal infrastructure:

We provide container pickup and delivery services for the Houston port & rail stations and the Dallas rail station. We handle various types of containers such as standard containers, frame rack containers, hazmat containers, and reefer containers up to 53‘ chassis

  • 40‘ triaxle

  • 20’ chassis

  • 20‘ triaxle

  • 45’ chassis

  • 53‘ chassis

  • ​Our fleet of over 120 chassises insures availability

​​In addition to our existing parking lot, we have a large yard near the ports.



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