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Our Story

Agan Global Inc is your primary defense against supply chain and port congestion. We can ensure that your container drayage and transportation needs are met with dependability, timeliness, and professionalism. 

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We are one of the largest Asian owned container drayage services in Texas with our own chassis and container drayage system linked with Port of Houston Lynx system which synchronizes  every 30 minutes. Our drivers use the driver app which provides real-time status of container location and availability. It provides a great service to our customers allowing them to track the status of their containers.


Agan Global Inc specializes in short & long distance delivery services for various container sizes at the ports of Houston and Dallas, as well as area rail stations. We offer comprehensive warehousing solutions, including our own warehouse spanning 85,000 square feet, as well as overseas warehousing and drop-shipping services.

Agan Global Inc works hard to be the best choice for you!

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